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Poetry: (Readings in MP3 format)
Roman Payne reads his major works: "The Basement Trains" and "Songs from the Dawn and the Coming Down" (in two parts) as well as selections of his minor poetry from 1996 to present.
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Longer Works:
The Basement Trains 2005-2006 / 2006
Songs from the Dawn 1996-1999 / 2005
Songs from the Coming Down 1996-1999 / 2005
Minor Poems:  
Mashenjka May, 2004
Nocturne No. 1 1999 / 2006
The Brazilian Streets 1998 / 2004
Christmas Improvisation 2003
Les Arabes de Paris (en français) 2005
A Careless Death 2004
"Viemke"—Jeune fille au pair 2009

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