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The Songs of Roman Payne: (MP3 format)
The art of literature is Roman Payne's highest passion and true métier; yet, musical composition is an art he has dabbled in throughout his life. This section is devoted to his songs.
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  Songs and drafts written by Roman Payne:
Song of the Revolution 2005
Slave Quarters 1998/2005
The Wayfarer 1996/2005
Ceylon 2002/2006
Nocturne No. 1 1999/2006
Pastorale No. 1 1997/2006
Recollection of War 1998/2006
The Gulf of Mexico 2000/2006
A Tired Man 1997/2003
Let these Men Sing out their Songs 1999/2005
Let these Men (extended) 1999/2005
The Boundaryless Forest 1999/2005
A Picnic for the Devil 1999/2005
A Picnic for the Devil (extended) 1999/2006
Ballad of David and Nastya 2003/2005
Crepuscule Theme (an idea) 2004/2005
On My Merry Way Back Home 1996/2006
So Many Women 1996/2006
The Brazilian Streets 1998/2006
  Songs written by others:
Moon River Recorded: 2002
Streets of Laredo Recorded: 2004
Romance Recorded: 2003
Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues Recorded: 2004
Capricho Arabe Recorded: 2002
After Hours Recorded: 2003
One of us can't be wrong Recorded: 2003
Passing Through Recorded: 2004
Hong Kong Blues Recorded: 2010
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