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Roman Payne
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Crepuscule by Roman Payne

Crepuscule: Roman Payne's 1st novel. Published in 2004. Crepuscule is a poetic panorama of life among expatriates in the French capital. It is an epic story of romance, love, freedom, and survival – where the reader is taken on an expedition to the heights of hope and the depths of despair.° [visit the site]

Cities and Countries by Roman Payne
Cities and Countries: Strange adventures meet Alexis when he wanders far from his familiar home in a quest to become a man of the world. What begins as a search for the "Great City,” leads to a wayward and whimsical, romantically poignant, and at times powerfully despairing, jaunt through various cities and countries, far and wide...° [visit the site]
The Basement Trains by Roman Payne

The Basement Trains: The poem begins in ‘an ancient garden in the midnight city,’ where a nocturnal recollection of the past begins an epic voyage traversing centuries of ideas and continents of profound imagery. This bilingual first-edition (llustrated with photographic plates by the author) contains the superb translation into French by Aurélien Galateau.° [visit the site]

Hope and Despair by Roman Payne

Hope and Despair: Payne's 3rd novel is a portrait of two lovers' sojourn in the garden of earthly delights, and their subsequent fall from Paradise that leads to a great quest and a hero's adventure. Blending mythology, allegory, and sensually erotic storytelling this romantic tragedy will capture you with its spellbinding beauty.° [visit the site]

Rooftop Soliloquy

Rookftop Soliloquy: The new release! Payne's 4th novel, a seductive Parisian adventure story, will be available in Autumn of 2009 through ModeRoom Press.°

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