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“Ours was a world of eternal spring, until the summer came."
About Hope and Despair: A feast of sensuality, Payne’s third epic novel narrates the story of the beautiful young Nadja, and her brooding lover Nikolai, as the two come of age in a springtime garden. When their world of earthly delights fades with the dying season, the two are exiled from their pastoral romance into a fiery world of seedy urban haunts, intoxicated dreams and electric lights. When tragedy heralds the birth of a new day, light is shed on everyone’s fate as the greatest adventure of all begins: a cunning swindler sets off on a heroic voyage to find the love of his youth. Through tears of hope and despair, the landscape of this novel unfolds before us in a vast panorama of poetic prose, delighting the senses and the imagination about what is possible, what is beautiful, and what is maddening about this world.
"Charged with passion, these pages sing to us their erotic melancholy; 'Hope and Despair' is both loving and frightening, a pleasure to read once and again!"
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