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2004 saw the release of the epic novel 'Crepuscule', Roman Payne's first published full-length book.

The reviews have been excellent and there is talk of a Russian and French translation. Hopefully the novel will be soon available in Hungarian, Croatian, and Slovakian as well.

'Crepuscule' is a colorfully impressionistic and tragic love story of a Muscovite ballerina and young man of uncertain origins, painted on the canvas of the Parisian city streets.

Crepuscule is neither difficult to get into, nor possible to put down once started; and it is certain to have an tremendous effect of the reader, whether the effect is pleasurable to the point of ecstasy or devastating to the point of despair.

Crepuscule: ISBN# 1411613112 308 Pages - ModeRoom Press - English-language. Translations coming soon.

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